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Effective muscle building - what do I have to pay attention to?

It doesn't take much to build muscle effectively. Especially for beginners it is usually difficult to find the right way. With simple tips & tricks, however, everyone can build muscle and constantly improve themselves.

In order to ensure progressive muscle growth, it is important to understand the topic and learn what muscle growth is linked to.

Progressive muscle growth is driven by two things:

  1. Structured and increasing strength training
  2. balanced and, above all, high-protein diet

progressive training as an effective method

Effective training is much more than throwing weights around uncontrollably. With the right training plan and as long as you are focused, strength training can be made very effective.

Some people build muscle faster than others because genes play a role. For example, men build muscle 2-3 times easier than women.

Of course, that's not entirely fair, but with a few tips & tricks, muscle building works for everyone, regardless of gender, genes or age.

Applies to beginners

Your muscles do not always have to be fully utilized, especially as a beginner, a small stimulus is enough to promote muscle growth.

For beginners, a full-body training plan (2-3 times a week) together with the support of equipment is particularly advisable at the beginning. This way you and your body get used to the stress and the risk of injury is low.

At the beginning 2-3 sets per exercise are recommended, then 3-5 sets for advanced users.

Once you start training your body regularly, the newfound strength comes first from your improved condition.

After the first 6-8 weeks you will notice yourself that you can do more and more repetitions, even if you can't see your muscle progress yet.


Now it's time to stay tuned!

Your muscle fibers will gradually get thicker and stronger - that means your muscles will grow.

Especially in the initial phase of your training you will notice that you are making rapid progress. However, this progress decreases from week to week, as your body needs more and more intense stimuli to build even more muscles.

Advanced users often train to failure, but here are two things to keep in mind:

  • at least 3 days regeneration time between the muscle groups
  • balanced diet to support your body with this stress


If you don't take the regeneration breaks between the muscle groups, it can happen that you no longer make any progress and "stand still", because:


Muscles don't grow during exercise, they grow while you sleep!

In order to effectively promote your muscle growth, the rest breaks must be observed.

An absolute must have

The most important thing to be successful in your training is a training plan. Targeted muscle building requires constant and increasing loads.

To document this constant improvement, it's important to have a training plan to track your sets and reps and know when to increase them.

Tip: For variety and to stimulate your muscles again and again, change your training plan every 8-12 weeks, means completely change your exercises.


The right training intensity

If you have chosen your training intensity correctly, the last 1-3 repetitions in your set should be very difficult for you, but you should still be able to do them correctly. Your muscles should start to burn, that's a sign you're doing it right. It shows that you are pushing yourself to your limit.

If you can easily do the repetitions specified in the training plan and even have power reserves, then you are using too little weight. Now it's time to adjust your performance level to match your newfound strength.

Most importantly , only use more weight if you can actually do the exercises correctly! A lot of weight does not mean progress, because if you do it wrong, you can seriously injure yourself and all your previous progress would have been for nothing.

Your training intensity is made up of 4 factors :

  1. rep count
  2. weight
  3. sentence break
  4. tempo


As soon as you change one of these factors, you can individually control your overload and thus progression and adapt it to your needs.

Your goal should be : To do more weight or more reps in each exercise than last time. BUT : you should never be able to increase the weight AND number of repetitions. This means you started with too little weight or you are doing the exercise incorrectly.

If you train with the same weight and the same number of repetitions in every training session, sooner or later you will not progress. Of course, if that's enough for you, that's perfectly fine, but if you really want to achieve more, you absolutely need these factors.



Tips on how to get even more out of your training:


In addition to the points already mentioned, we give you a few tips on how you can train even more effectively:

1. Focus on clean execution

Before you worry about reps and weight gain, focus on getting your form clean!

Your strength training will only be effective if you really do your exercises with a clean technique. A clean execution helps you to hit exactly the right muscle and you counteract injuries.

The most important rule, as already mentioned: technique before weight!

2. Choose the right number of repetitions

The lower your repetition number, the higher your strength development - The higher your repetition number, the higher your muscle build-up. If you pay attention to intensive training and overloading your muscles, you should choose a repetition number of 5-15.

3. Choose the right weight

If the weight is too heavy, your execution will unfortunately suffer and you could injure yourself, if the weight is too light, you don't overload your muscles and your training doesn't increase.

As a beginner, you should concentrate purely on the execution of your exercise at the beginning, i.e. use very little weight. Once you get the technique down, you need to increase the weight.

4. Choose the appropriate length of sentence breaks

Many underestimate the subject of sentence breaks. However, these are important to control the intensity of your training.

The following applies : the longer you pause your set, the more time your muscles have to recover and the more energy you have for the next set.

As a rule of thumb, when aiming to build muscle, rest 60-90 seconds between sets.


In addition to progressive, focused training, effective muscle building naturally also includes a balanced and protein-rich diet.

We give you a few tips on how to support your muscle building through nutrition.

Increase your calorie intake

In order to build calories and thus muscle, it is important that you increase your calorie intake throughout the day. Your muscles need nutrients and without a calorie surplus you won't gain calories.

Protein, protein, protein

For effective muscle building, you need at least 1-2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. For example, if you weigh 90 kg, then you should consume at least 90 g of protein per day - of course, 180 g would be ideal.

If you can't cover your protein needs through your diet, protein shakes will help you to compensate for this deficiency and they also taste incredibly delicious. We have the best wheys in stock for you.

Remember : Your body can only consume 30g of protein per meal. Spread out your protein intake throughout the day.

water, water, water

Your body needs a LOT of water to build muscle effectively. You should drink AT LEAST 2 liters a day.

As a rule of thumb, however, your body weight times 40 ml that you should take. For example, if you weigh 90 kg, you should be drinking 3,600 ml of water per day.

Eat continuously

So that your body does not have to use up your reserves, you should eat several smaller portions throughout the day so that you are always full.


Vitamins are important

Vitamins are essential for building muscle mass. Snack on fruit or vegetables in between and make sure you always get enough vitamins with your meals.


As you can see, building muscle effectively isn't that difficult as long as you stick to two key points:

Structured, increasing training & high-protein nutrition

As long as you keep those two things in mind, you're bound to be able to reach your goal of building muscle.

But the most important thing about the whole topic is definitely: stay tuned and don't give up! Surely every athlete has had that moment when they thought they couldn't make it, that's it - you'll get to that point too! However, you must always keep in mind that your body is capable of peak performances that you cannot even imagine yourself. The only one standing in your way is yourself! Stay motivated and celebrate the small wins.

Even if you can do just one rep more than last time, or if you can do just 2 pounds more than last time, that's a sign you've gotten better! And that's exactly the goal, you want to get BETTER. But everything in its own time.

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