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about us

"STRONGSETTER - is not a trend but a lifestyle.

There are days in life when everything doesn't go the way you want, when you don't know where your place in life is and you're not a millimeter closer to your goals.

But even those days will pass. Even when the world wants you down, you stay strong and steadfast. You come back stronger than ever and you won't let it get you down.

We are convinced that sport enriches our lives. Sport isn't about being the best and having the most beautiful body, even though that's all too often taught these days.

For us, however, sport does not mean the urge for perfection, but rather finding love for yourself.

That's why we created STRONGSETTER to show you that anyone can do it as long as you believe in your dreams.

But what does Strongsetter stand for anyway:






border crossing

self -confidence



team ability



We are happy about everyone who lives this attitude with us and carries it out into the world.


“The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. It's often a mean and ugly place. It will bring you to your knees and crush you if you let it. Nothing can hit as hard as life. But the point isn't how hard one can hit. All that matters is how many punches you can take and whether you keep going. How much you can take and still keep going. That's the only way to win!"

"If you know what you're worth, go and get it. But only if you're willing to take the beating for it!
But don't point the finger at others and say you're not where you want to be because of him or her or anyone else
Weaklings do that! And you're not - you're better!"

You are a strong setter!

Your Strongsetter team,

Sandra & Yavuz

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