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Citrulline Malate Tera Caps, 200 Capsules - GN Laboratories

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Citrulline malate from German production for an extreme, literally skin-bursting pump, longer stamina during hard, intensive training sessions, accelerated, optimal regeneration thanks to increased muscle protein synthesis and better nutrient supply to the muscles after training, as well as faster gains in strength and muscle mass

Citrulline MalateTera Caps

These TeraCaps® have a decisive advantage compared to other citrulline capsules, where you have to swallow significantly more capsules to take your daily dose of citrulline. We know how uncomfortable many people find it to have to swallow large amounts of capsules, which is why these TeraCaps® are optimal. Thanks to a further developed process for filling the capsules, they contain significantly more citrulline than comparable products in capsule form for the same capsule size. Therefore, you need to swallow fewer capsules to get optimal amounts of citrulline.

Product highlights:

  • For an extreme, literally skin-bursting pump that will make every training session a breathtaking experience
  • Increased vascularity and increased muscle volume for an extremely muscular look
  • Increased anaerobic and aerobic performance, longer stamina and maximum delay in muscle fatigue thanks to:
    • Increased ATP production during exercise
    • A maximum supply of your hard-working muscles with much-needed oxygen, much-needed nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones
    • Faster removal of toxic metabolic degradation products that inevitably occur during training
    • The prevention of hyperacidity in the muscles, which impairs the ability of your muscles to contract
  • Accelerated recovery both during and after your hard and intense workouts, for more reps per set, more intense sets per workout, and more frequent workouts without overtraining
  • Faster muscle growth and increased strength gains thanks to increased protein synthesis and better supply of your muscles with everything they need for regeneration and growth
  • Reduced post-workout muscle soreness
  • Pure citrulline malate from German production without unnecessary fillers and additives
  • Innovative TeraCaps® with maximum amount of active ingredient per capsule

Consumption recommendation :

Take one capsule daily with sufficient liquid.


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